• Theresa Musielewicz

Only 1 week away!

I'm getting really excited about the first farmers market in Cambridge next Saturday. Our lettuce is growing beautifully, and the microgreens have taken off. There are plenty of cucumber babies on the plants, but they won't be quite ready for the first market. I'm seeing little flowers on the tomato plants, but I think it'll be a bit before we'll have fruit for the market.

Here's our lettuce for the first market, the next few markets, the cucumbers and tomatoes, and newly planted sweet peppers. The pics of the microgreens on the bottom are a spicy mix of radish/broccoli/mustard that is amazing on salads, sweet peas, radish, kale, broccoli and mustard. They just got under the light, so they'll be getting bigger and turning dark green very quickly.

I'll be setting up the tent and working on our booth this weekend. I need to make sure I have the requirements from the Minnesota Farmers Market Association and Department of Agriculture covered, to ensure I'm doing everything I can to keep our customers safe. The way our booth looks will probably evolve over the summer, as I get a feel for how things are going to operate given our new circumstances. Rest assured, protecting our customers, everything in our greenhouse and our family is more important than anything!

Because shoppers at the farmers markets are supposed to browse and shop quickly, you are welcome to email, text or call me if you'd like me to get an order together for you ahead of time. Next week I will have a list of the items that will be available, along with prices. Even if it's only briefly, I look forward to seeing all of you at the market!

Have a great week, and stay safe! Hope to see you next Saturday!

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