• Theresa Musielewicz

Excited for the new market season!

As the new market season is quickly approaching, I'm both excited and a bit nervous. I love growing and sharing our produce! Once people try it, they understand what a difference there is in quality and taste, because of our growing methods. There are no soil or chemicals used in our greenhouse, and the enclosed environment provides shelter for the plants from birds and animals, and weather. The nervousness comes in from starting with a new market, and during a time of uncertainty. We're taking every precaution in the greenhouse to keep everything sanitized, and I'm very careful when following Good Agricultural Practices for harvesting in a clean and safe way. We'll be taking extra measures at the market, and following the guidelines set up by the MN Department of Agriculture and MN Farmers Market Association, to keep people safe, as well.

Hopefully you'll come out and support your local farmers, if not at the Cambridge Farmers Market, then any you can find. There is so much offered, and everyone works so hard, it's really worth the trip!

All of the plants took quite a jump this week. It's so fun to watch :) The roots of the lettuce seedlings that I transplant are strong and healthy, and that helps them get a really good start in the deep water rafts. There are three types of lettuce growing in these photos: a summer crisp, a green leaf, and a romaine. I'm extremely anxious for the first harvest!

Stay safe and healthy, and I look forward to seeing you and/or meeting you at the market!

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