• Theresa Musielewicz

Legginess isn't always a good thing..

It's true that in certain industries, like fashion or sports, being leggy is considered a good thing. When you're growing seedlings, legginess is NOT a good thing! What happens is the plant is stretching and reaching for light, as a result of inadequate light conditions. When we went through the time-change earlier this spring, our grow lights were required less. However, because the temperatures will still so cool, we left the black insulating blankets on the side panels of the greenhouse. This means light was only getting through the south side of the greenhouse and above the blankets on the east and west sides. Apparently not nearly sufficient lighting for these little guys. If you plant leggy seedlings they will grow very awkwardly, if they survive at all, because the thin stalks can't support the weight of the body. The plants will be very tall, and the stalks are really long. The good news is that if they do survive and grow, they still taste fantastic!

So, problem recognized...and solution implemented. Seedlings need concentrated, close light for long hours. Jerry built a shelf and hung a light in the anteroom for our little nursery. These new seedlings look stockier and sturdier so far. Keeping my fingers crossed!

So much to learn. I love it!

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