• Theresa Musielewicz

Having fun with microgreens!

I wasn't sure what to expect with the microgreens. It's not something I had spent much time thinking about in the past, or utilizing in our meal plans. That's all changing, now that I'm growing them. These babies are amazing! They are completely organic, grow quickly, pack a huge flavor punch, are great as a quick snack or as an addition to your favorite dishes.

So far I've grown radish, kale and pea microgreens. The radish greens were spectacular! The peas may be the most versatile of these three. They can literally be added to just about any dish. I figured a light, easy chicken pasta salad would be yummy....and I was absolutely right :)

On my list for today is planting new microgreens. In addition to the radish, kale and peas I've got basil and chives. I'm excited to see how they grow and how they'll taste. If you're interested in samples, stop by the next farmers market and I'll share these delectable little treats!


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